• Just want to thank all of you for helping to keep us all sane in the last few months.

     As a single male working from home for over three months I've come to think of Radio Woodstock as my new roommate as you're on all day and most of the evening. Thanks for not leaving a mess or sneaking beers! Regarding being a supporter, I didn't get a t-shirt. If you had to cancel that because of the pandemic please know that I completely understand and don't give it another thought. FYI, I lived in Santa Monica, CA for over thirty years and LA radio cannot hold a candle to WDST. KCRW is good when they play music but they never devoted enough hours to it, in my opinion. All the rest were/are owned by corporations with predictable play lists.

    Stay safe and thanks again.

    Michael W.
    Kingston, NY

    Michael W.
  • Thank you to all the staff at WDST for a fabulous weekend of great music.

      While working in my garden or cooking dinner, we had the radio on all day.  Listening to all our favorites and having such fun naming the bands and songs.  It lifted our spirits!
    So grateful for music and a great radio station
  • I needed to take time out and express my thanks to you and everyone at WDST of the marvelous job you're doing.

    I've been in the entertainment "world" since I was born. My father was program director at WHO Clear Channel Radio, (50,000 watts),  in the 60's, 70's and 80's.I carried on as a musician and have done a few radio gigs myself.
    I'll continue on spreading the word to my contacts, (of which I have many), that this radio station is simply the best music station in the Americas, and most likely, the world. You are the "real deal".